Looking for a Meaningful Conversation

You have questions and challenges in your spiritual practice, at work, in your private or life in public?

I am confidentially and trustfully supporting you. As a seasoned practitioner, mentor and friend I offer a space with resonance, freedom, love, safety, acceptance, clarity and presence by which conditions for relief, change, more choices, better decision making and transformation are evoked.


If you want 

  • to be deeply listened to and heard about your day-to-day or long-lasting anxieties, worries, and challenges,
  • to seek advice or help or companionship for a certain period of time in your life or
  • just want to have a good talk about the whole lot …

I am looking forward to being in connection with you and your topic(s).


My email contact is talk@juergengrossepuppendahl.org .

After having received your email I will provide you my phone no. or Skype ID or Zoom link.


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