I am

Meditation: I am

Please close your eyes for some moments.
Feel simply yourself, now.
Be simply with yourself – now, here and with all that is in this moment.
And now sense only the following: I am
Since that is undoubted truth. I am.
Feel simply this being. I am
Then stay in this “I am”.
But this time with open eyes.
— Wilfred Nelles

A Life from the Heart Retreat


Striking Roots:
Early Buddhist Dharma-Mindfulness and Greek (Practical) Philosophy and Practice by the schools of Epicureanism, Skepticism, and Stoicism
Stephen and Martine Batchelor
5 – 9 October 2018, Island of Rhodes, Greece

– Come and Join –

The place Auberge Kalopetri in Kritinia, Rhodes, Greece offers a unique space for practice, reflection and learning in a beautiful surrounding in the Western coastline of the island of Rhodes.

The power of this retreat lies in its intimacy of max. 30 participants, its questions in which everyone’s voice is heard and listened to, its purposes, process design, formats and contents:

Grafik 2

We are resorting on some of the most powerful philosophies and practices of the East and West:

  • Dharma Mindfulness Practice – the early teachings and practices of Gotama, known as the Buddha
  • Greek (Practical) Philosophy – of the great Greek philosophers in particular of those of Skepticism, Epicureanism and Stoicism.

    This is an exceptional opportunity to meet, learn from and practise with two of the world’s foremost western dharma teachers, Stephen and Martine Batchelor in collaboration with dharma practitioner and mentor Jürgen Große-Puppendahl and process host Maria Bakari.
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Looking forward to welcoming you on this unique retreat and beautiful spot of the Greek gods and Gotama 😉


program overview


Web-Seminar – Trust@Work – The Role and Meaning of Trust in Organisations, Teams, and Humans


“Trust is good, control is better!?”

How does this proverb land with you? What is your understanding of trust and control in organisations, teams and humans? What are the different meaningful roles of those concepts of trust and control? What can the Metatheory of Change in particular, philosophy, and wisdom traditions offer in this regard? What are my personal experiences with trust and mistrust? How can we practice trust in organisations?

In this online session we are going to explore in the three domains of organisations, teams and humans the following:

  • What is trust, mistrust, control and fear?
  • What is the role of time with regard to trust?
  • What is the relationship between familiarity and trust?
  • What is the power of trust and mistrust?
  • Personal trust.
  • The willingness to trust and mistrust.
  • Trust in systems such as organisations and teams and its consequences.
  • The practice of trust in uncertainty.
  • Q & A about one’s own experiences with trust and control.

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Note: A zoom link including instructions for this online session is submitted some days before the event is going to happen. The online session is held in English language.

Jürgen Große-Puppendahl is a senior mentor, coach and awareness practitioner who helps and guides people, teams and organisations bring in awareness and find orientation in complexity by supporting them in extending their scopes of choices and decision making.”

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See you then 16 May at 7 pm.
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