The Retreat: The Relationship of Greek (Practical) Philosophy and Dharma-Mindfulness Practice

… and Their Relevance as Embodied Practice in Modern Times, 5 – 9 October 2018 at Auberge Kalopetri, Kritinia Village, Rhodes, Greece

Some Philosophy Questions:

What is a good life?
What keep ancient philosophy of Skepticism, Epicureanism and Stoicism and the early teachings of the Buddha as gifts for our lifes?
What is the meaning of life?
What is wisdom?
Does free will exist?
What about friendship, its importance?
What role does pleasure play in my life?
What can be the meaning of pain and anxiety?
How can I figure out what conduct of life is supportive for my thriving?
How can I let go and let come?
How can I stop with habitual reactive patterns?
What is morality and ethics?
How can I embrace life?
What is art?
What is death?
What is a flourishing life about?
What is love?


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