Practicing Awareness on Sounds – 4 April 2017, Rhodes, Greece

This talk is about the mindfulness practice on sounds and how sounds condition us … with regard to sensations, feelings, perceptions, inclinations, and consciousness.

There is sound consciousness, smell consciousness, taste consciousness and the consciousnesses of the remaining senses. And often we aren’t conscious or aware about what is going on. Thus consciousness is also impermanent despite it is often considered as something permanent.

Seeing the rising and fading away of sounds is one way to understand our conditioned living in the six senses world. By understanding and attending to those phenomena in a non-reactive way we have the chance of being not conditioned by our attachments to the realm of the six senses.


Note on the chanted “Om”: The syllable Om is first mentioned in the Upanishads, the mystical texts associated with the Vedanta philosophy. It has variously been associated with concepts of “cosmic sound” or “mystical syllable” or “affirmation to something divine” (Source: Wikipedia)


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