Creating the Path and Building the City

Creating a thriving and meaningful life depends on our willingsness to understand the basic human condition of being prone to suffering and of having to die at a certain point of our lives.

The 4-fold tasks outlined here in my talk are proofed and capable of not being conditioned by conditioning factors of our lives such as reactivity*. Not being conditioned let us experience a complete perspective shift in our understanding and experiencing what it means to be free and to be human.

The goal of the 4-fold task is to lead an integrated life

  • Embrace life – [comprehending suffering].
  • Let go of what arises – [letting go of reactivity].14463171_1178793292159302_7464590275283290175_n
  • See its ceasing – [beholding its ceasing].
  • Act! – [cultivating the path].

which leads to

  • Building the city

in a culture of awakened human beings.

The path is to be cultivated for building our cities and societies anew.

* Stephen Batchelor: after buddhism. Rethinking the dharma for a secular age. Yale University Press. 2015

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