Full Moon

Voller Mond

Im  Anschein der Sonne bist du geboren
so zeigst du dich rein

Inseln im Meer
sehen dein volles Sein

Ebbe und Flut
bewegen dein silbernes Licht

Im Wasser wirst du gefunden
doch zu ergreifen bist du dort nicht

Botschafter der Nacht
Überbringer des Lichts
Jenseits des Nichts
Manifest des Seins
deines nächtlichen Scheins








Full Moon
You were born by facing the sun
just like that you are pure

Islands in the sea
realize your complete existence

Ebb and flow
move your silver light

You are found in waters
yet seizing you is impossible

Ambassador of the night
Carrier of the light
Beyond nothingness
Manifest being
of your night-time bright

The Song of the Moment


Und wenn das große Gebirge im Meer versinkt
And when the big mountains sink in the sea

das dunkle Blau der Nacht
and the dark blue of the night

im tiefen Wasser schwimmt
floats in deep waters

Ohne zu wissen, was wird,
Without knowing what will emerge

bricht die Dämmerung die Dunkelheit
dawn breaks the darkness

am Pier der tausend Möglichkeiten
at the pier of thousand chances

Welche Welle der Liebe erreicht
Which wave of love succeeds

der Menschen festes Land
to get to men’s mainland

Was wir fanden, werden wir verlieren
What we found, we are going to loose

was bleibt ist der Pfand
what remains is the pawn

Der Tod * die Geburt *
Death and *Birth*

– ein Augenblick –
– one moment –

Kein vor und kein zurück
No back and forth

L { i } e b e { n }
L ove, Life, live Love, love Life

The Dharma, the Quality and The Care

The one who follows Dharma practice as the fourfold task is very much dedicated to take up life which is prone to show more care for oneself and the other than the one who does not care for his own life and similtaneously for the needs of the others.

Dharma practice leads to the realization of being one with the All as an overall experience beyond repeating thought processes when embodied attention, mindfulness and openness to the current moment are established.

By regurlaly repeating this practice we are drawn step by step into the possibility of realizing more of our loving and caring selves. What we sense and perceive on this way is a contact to a pulling attractor which is an expression of our life forces. Some call this life force the Tao, others, the dharma, or god or quality which was the expression by Robert M.Pirsig thoroughly presented in his novel “Zen and the Art of Motor Maintanance”.

Here an extract of this novel:

“I talked about caring the first day and then realized I couldn’t say anything
meaningful about caring until its inverse side, Quality, is understood. I think
it’s important now to tie care to Quality by pointing out that care and
Quality are internal and external aspects of the same thing. A person who
sees Quality and feels it as he works is a person who cares. A person who
cares about what he sees and does is a person who’s bound to have some
characteristics of Quality.”

By using different concepts for succinctly describing how care, mindfulness practices and quality are interrelated we can possibly better gain an understanding of what t means to live  a life of increasing depths and freedom. Over years of practice we could state: “Yes, the quality of my life has more charecteristics of qualtiy.

What are we waiting for?!