Embodying the Extended Mind: Transcript of Al Kaszniak’s Dharma Talk

In the 13th century of the Common Era, Eihei Dogen, a founding ancestor of the Soto tradition of Japanese Zen, that fellow pictured behind me on the Zendo wall, wrote the following words, as translated by Kazuaki Tanahashi and Peter Levitt:

“Mind is skin, flesh, bones, and marrow. Mind is taking up a flower and smiling. There is having mind and having no mind. . . . Blue, yellow, red, and white are mind. Long, short, square, and round are mind. The coming and going of birth and death are mind. Year, month, day, and hour are mind. Dream, phantom, and empty flower are mind. Water, foam, splash, and flame are mind. Spring flowers and autumn moon are mind. All things that arise and fall away are mind. …”


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